Are salaried employees entitled to overtime pay?

The practice of employers inflating employees’ job titles to avoid overtime pay has received a lot of media attention lately after a study by economists at Harvard Business School and the University of Texas at Dallas. By looking at job listings with managerial titles near the Fair Labor Standards Act’s cutoff for employee overtime pay, […]

Do at-will employees have legal rights for wrongful termination?

As Georgia earns a reputation as a top state for doing business, there’s an underside for workers: Employer-friendly laws sometimes leave employees with fewer protections.  With limits on labor organizing and no state laws on the books regarding flexible shift scheduling, paid sick leave, paid family leave and other top employee concerns, Georgia workers don’t […]

Red flags in severance agreements 

Severance agreements can be a helpful tool for transitioning through a job loss. They extend some temporary stability during a time of upheaval by offering benefits like pay, insurance coverage and even continued access to company perks.    But businesses don’t trade away money and benefits without asking for something in return. Severance pay isn’t required […]

Employee rights under the Family and Medical Leave Act (FMLA)

At the best workplaces, employers accept and understand that employees have lives outside of their jobs. While it can be tricky to balance overlapping responsibilities at times, most people make it work.  Sometimes, though, a health issue or life change takes precedence over everything else. Maybe it’s a happy event, like the birth of a […]