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The Georgia Whistleblower Act protects employees in the state of Georgia from retaliation for disclosing a violation of or noncompliance with a law, rule, or regulation to either a supervisor or government agency. Under the Act, an employer, state agency, or governmental entity cannot retaliate against a whistleblower by taking adverse employment action, including separating, suspending, demoting, or otherwise discriminating actions considered to be whistleblower retaliation. Our practice supports individuals in retaliation cases through civil lawsuits to seek remuneration, work reinstatement, injunctive relief, or special damages.

$250,000 Settlement For City Whistleblowers

In a case litigated by attorney James Radford, the City of Lakeland, Georgia, agreed to pay $250,000 to two former Chiefs of Police who brought suit under the Georgia Whistleblower Act, O.C.G.A. § 45-1-4. The complaint was filed in the Superior Court of Lanier County, Georgia. In the complaint, the former chiefs outlined a series of events in which Lakeland Mayor Bill Darsey demanded that they arrest and prosecute various members of the Lakeland community, without probable cause, often because they had supported another candidate for mayor. Both men refused to arrest these individuals without probable cause. According to the complaint, they were fired as a result of reckless disregard. 


The Georgia Whistleblower Act provides, in part:

No public employer shall retaliate against a public employee for objecting to, or refusing to participate in, any activity, policy, or practice of the public employer that the public employee has reasonable cause to believe is in violation of or noncompliance with a law, rule, or regulation.

The former chiefs were represented by James Radford with Trent Coggins of Valdosta, Georgia serving as local counsel. The case is Grantham, et al. v. City of Lakeland, et al., Civil Action No. CE-11-718.

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